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Preclinical Imaging Laboratories-PIL

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Multi-modal preclinical imaging science hub

The Preclinical Imaging Laboratories (PIL) offers access to state-of-the-art imaging technologies for translational in vivo, ex vivo, and in vitro imaging studies. The PIL operates a multitude of imaging and supportive equipment for all imaging modalities currently used in preclinical research. Comprehensive workflows and seamless integration allow for the combination of imaging technologies to address a research question from multiple viewpoints. A team of interdisciplinary experts provide the expertise, training and teaching to acquire reliable and reproducible imaging data. This is in order to support researchers during all stages of the project this ranges from project submission, planning, and conduction and quantitative image evaluation. Our research focuses on applied (whole-body) imaging science for oncology, cardiovascular, neuroradiology, pharmacokinetic and musculoskeletal research.

The PIL is deeply integrated into the intramural Medical Imaging Cluster of the Medical University of Vienna to support and facilitate all preclinical imaging activities.


in vivo imaging modalities
scan hours per month
more than 30 grant-funded projects running
preclinical articles published