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Quality/Risk Management

Quality control support unit Quality-/Risk Management and Patient Safety

Quality Control System

We are part of the quality control system of the University Clinic of the General Hospital of Vienna corresponding to the standard requirement of Norm EN ISO 9001:2015. This is illustrated in the quality control handbook of the University Clinic AKH.
The establishment of a Quality Control System shall guarantee quality, similar to how continuing development ensures our performance. The highest rung is our conscious responsibility for evaluating the system from a distance, regarding its effectiveness at meeting its goals. All co-workers (employees) are requested to take responsibility at controlling the quality in their field of activity and suggesting ways in which it could be improved.  Coordinating the quality control within the clinic is the duty of the QC teams. The first contact in QC-related topics, similar to the interfaces between the quality control department and the clinic, are the co-workers of the quality control unit.

The most important tools for quality control of the clinic site is, on one hand, the management appraisal/description of its steering system and the rating of its handbook, and on the other side, the standard operating procedure, guidelines, and job statement.  These will be discussed and made available to the representative of the involved co-workers.

Evaluation of teachers in the University Clinic for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Evaluations are important in order to guarantee and raise the quality of the teaching and those supporting residents-, students-in-training and students doing their diploma theses or PhD. Dissertations in the Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy.
At regular intervals, we will ask the students in training in the RAD-NUK for both qualitative and quantitative feedback regarding the quality of the teaching and support staff, including the teaching operation (organization, physical and technical equipment, proficiency, appropriateness to the specialty, logical flow of information).  This data serves as the basis for instituting changes to optimize teaching.  Supplemental evaluation of teachers in the RAD-NUK can be found in the central MedUniWien office.

At courses in specialty areas, e.g., ultrasound organ morphology, ultrasound lectures, ultrasound I-II) students will be regularly asked to write a summary at the end of the course, i.e., at least once per semester, or in exceptional circumstances, will be invited to give a verbal evaluation at an appointment.  Primarily paper-based evaluations will be used to obtain a higher return rate for evaluation forms. A new evaluation project is planned by the data protection commission of the inner university (iDSK) and the clearinghouse teaching (CL) submitted though a certifying board.