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Center of Excellence High-field MRI

The center represents an interdisciplinary platform on the development of morphologic, functional and metabolic imaging methods, such as spectroscopy for high-field and ultra high-field MRI, i.e., 3 and 7 Tesla, as well as application of these methods in basic science and clinical research.

The high-field magnetic resonance center (HFMRC) also trains postgraduate medical students and basic science researchers, as well as furthering the knowledge of the general public through an open house, i.e., „Tage der offenen Tür“, and other events.

7 Tesla Wholebody MRI

The centerpiece of the imaging resources of the HFMRC is a 7 Tesla wholebody MR machine from Siemens.  This is equipped with gradient coils capable of performing microscopic MR imaging. The center also houses two 3 Tesla MRIs from Siemens, as well as a laboratory which is dedicated to the development of high-frequency coils.  

The HFMRC sits near to the General Hospital of Vienna, one of the largest and most clinically-productive research hospitals in Europe. Thus, this site serves as an international referral center for Siemens’ MAGNETOM 7T.

Pioneer work in the Center of Excellence High-field MRI

The HFMRC has made international efforts in the development and clinical application of ultra high-field MR imaging and spectroscopy. Naturally, this contributes to physiological processes and the course of medical illnesses. Further, new diagnostic possibilities, and novel methods of treatment follow-up will contribute to improving the general health and life expectation of the general public.