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PhD Program

For doctors who have a special interest in scientific work, we offer the possibility to do a doctorate program. PhD projects will be carried out under guidance, giving you a chance to deepen your knowledge in the area of your thesis question. 

PhD Program: N094 Medical Imaging
Medical imaging is a research area that provides a bridge between basic and clinical science. It serves the common goal of developing and evaluating new techniques for the image-based diagnosis and image-guided treatment for a broad spectrum of diseases. This is critical for understanding physiologic variability and disease-related changes, for the development of new imaging biomarkers and diagnostic approaches, and finally, for clinical application.
Accordingly, various scientific disciplines are involved, including radiology, nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy, biomedical technology and medical physics, IT, machine learning, image manipulation, radio-oncology, ophthalmology, and psychiatry. This multidisciplinary approach is contrary to that in Medical Imaging Cluster (MIC).


Please inform yourself about the course of PhD work – application, submission info, and rules are on the website of MedUni Wien (PhD Programmme UN094). For further information, also see PhD Programme Medical Imaging