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Mission Statement

Patient care, teaching and research are similar areas of responsibility.
The quality policy of the Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy takes into account the requests, requirements and developments in patient care, teaching and research and aligns itself with those of the organization.

The ethical, legal and economic principles of our greater organization are essential elements of our activity

It is the policy of our hospital to provide patients, staff and stakeholders with the certainty of what is “legally correct”. In order to fulfill the tasks, all areas of the clinic are provided with the available personnel, time and material resources in a balanced manner and in compliance with the target agreements. The deployment of our staff is carried out with rational use of the available resources. Administration is carried out in compliance with contemporary administrative principles and in accordance with the guidelines of the Medical University and the University Hospital Vienna General Hospital.

The patients entrusted to us are cared for in accordance with the latest medical knowledge and international standards.

Through interdisciplinary discussions, and continuing medical education and training, as well as establishing innovative technologies and IT equipment, we aim to provide our patients with access to the highest level of radiology care in a reasonable amount of time.

Students will be instructed in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine using modern teaching methods.
The Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy provides a broad and innovative range of services for the assigned doctors in residency training as well as students to acquire their specialist knowledge.

Both Radiological and Nuclear Medicine research is promoted in all aspects while observing ethical principles in accordance with international standards.

Through establishing and maintaining national and international communication forums, offers and incentives, an atmosphere of scientific innovation and motivation shall be created.

Information and Communication are the Basis for accomplishing our tasks/mission.

Staff members of our clinic must receive information in a timely manner so that they can fulfill their necessary duties. Likewise, staff members must be able to pass on information that could be of importance to the management with the least possible delay. Patients shall duly inform themselves about the process and content of their examination in good time and within the given framework so that they can express complaints or make positive suggestions.  It is extremely important that available means of communication (e.g., internet, literature and conferences) be considered for the transfer of knowledge.