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When addressing complex problems, it is necessary to collaborate with as many medical, technical, and biological disciplines as possible.

In our department, we primarily aim to explore the boundaries of our respective fields to further develop our specialty to meet the needs of our patients. We hold ourselves to the standard of directly involving patients in the research process. This is achieved through close collaboration with our referring specialist physicians and direct contact with our patients on a personal level, such as during counseling sessions and interdisciplinary discussions.

Our goal is to foster a culture of scientific collaboration in our department that encourages researchers from various national and international backgrounds to collaborate with our field. To reach this goal we have established the DIN lab – developmental neuroimaging and intervention lab. The primary themes of our research include prenatal neuroradiology (investigating the normal and abnormal development of the central nervous system), functional neuroradiology (functionally characterizing diseases of the brain and spinal cord), pediatric neuroradiology, muscle and nerve imaging, imaging of inflammatory and tumorous brain, spinal cord, and musculoskeletal diseases, and epilepsy imaging.